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Our Generation's Crime

Somebody get me off of here

The world it's spinning off it's hinge

The roar of disquiet is so dizzying

And I just want to fall fast asleep

A bird watches from the barren branch

As it's home fades and dies

But all of us just rush about our busy lives

Where are our hearts?

How we've laid waste to our home...

We pretend it's fine

But it's Our Generation's Crime

How do we make ammends?

How do we all change our ways - 

When we're so accustomed to the lifestyles

And the ways of old

We lie and we tell our children "It will be okay..."

But they know that everything is not alright

They can see it in our eyes

And how we all pretend that everything is fine

This is Our Generation's Crime

We're tearing apart this world

And it's our home...

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