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Colorado Indie Folk-Rock Music

Soul-searching is an appropriate way to describe the folk-rock influenced songs that come from the heart and hands of Bradley Stroz, a singer-songwriter & producer from Denver, Colorado. Whether through a palette of more moody and melancholic arrangement heard on songs such as “Chapter 16 Verse 4” or with the upbeat, rock-oriented accompaniment of his band, Bradleys intimate lyric-driven songs invite you to join him on a wanderlust filled journey of self discovery.


The songwriters live show puts an energetic twist on the folk-rock genre. One moment, Bradley will have you feeling the pleasant warmth of a cozy campfire song sung tenderly in the Rocky Mountain night; the next, rocking out wildly, drink-in-hand to a folk-rock sound that embraces the raw energy of 80s punk bands such as the Clash, while the guitar player rips the most razor-edged Hendrix guitar solo, and the drummer hits tom fills that would drop even Bonham’s jaw. 


Several of Bradleys self-produced singles have caught the ears of notable playlisters in the folk-rock genre such as Alex and Beth Rainbird, being featured on their Wanderlust Playlist Vol. III alongside artists such as Novo Amor, Ocie Elliot, and Thomas Lavine, and which has garnered over 1 million streams on Youtube to date.


The singer-songwriter and producer has performed in the past as lead guitar player for acclaimed Reggae-Punks, the Bunny Gang, featuring Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly. He brings the same dynamic energy of his punk rock past to his current live show, and you can expect to have an incredibly fun time dancing and singing along with him to both original and cover songs.


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