Bradley Stroz is an American Singer-Songwriter, Musician, and Producer currently based in Denver, Colorado. He combines soft-spoken lyrical melodies with undulating guitar lines and transportive storytelling to create a unique take on indie-folk that is quintessentially his own.  

Bradley has recorded and traveled internationally with acclaimed Denver Reggae-Punks, The Bunny Gang. While his switch from his background into indie-folk may come as a surprise to some, the singer-songwriter feels most at home creatively in the genre. 

"I wanted to re-create these beautiful transcendent experiences that I kept having while out traveling in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and I just felt stifled to do so in other genres," the singer-songwriter states. "When I found indie-folk, I knew how important the style of music was going to become for myself and for my vision and creative expression. I worked hard alongside my mentors to craft a space in this genre that I feel is completely my own. I'm excited to finally be releasing some of the music that I have worked on, and I have a lot of big plans for my art and the future. I hope that you will join me alongside on the journey."

Bradley recently released his latest single and music video called "Chapter 16 Verse 4", available to watch on YouTube and stream on all major platforms. 

Fans of Ben Howard, The Tallest Man on Earth, Gregory Alan Isakov, and the Hollow Coves will want to give this young songwriter a listen. 


You can expect much more from Bradley for the remainder of the year and into 2022.